Enthesis organ

Enthesis organ, Enthesis as a target organ in rheumatic diseases: an expanding frontier the term “enthesis organ” has the whole all can be regarded as an enthesis.

Enthesis organs enthesitis has historically been considered as a disorder of a focal attachment site however, entheses together with adjacent tissues may form mini.  · the integration of tendon into bone occurs at a specialized interface known as the enthesis the fibrous tendon to bone enthesis is functional organ. How can the answer be improved.

The enthesis itself, the sesamoid and periosteal fibrocartilage, the bursa, and the fat pad collectively comprise the achilles enthesis organ as originally defined 8 together, they all function in one way or another to reduce stress concentration at the enthesis itself. Lar enthesis organs were seen at 2 sites, the biceps brachii and patellar tendon insertions in all enthesis organs, sesamoid and/or periosteal fibrocartilage was.

The archetypal enthesis organ is that of the achilles tendon, which canoso has aptly described as having the “première enthesis” (10) here, stress is dissipated away from. View this abstract online the enthesis organ concept: why enthesopathies may not present as focal insertional disorders arthritis rheum 2004 50(10):3306-13. We argue that the diffuse nature of the pathology is best understood in the context of an ‘enthesis organ its relevance to the spondyloarthropathies in.

The enthesis organ historically doctors viewed the enthesis as the precise point of a tendon or ligament insertion into the bone it is now recognised that the adjacent bone surfaces that are lined by a specialised type of shock absorbing cartilage termed fibrocartilage also.

View this abstract online the enthesis organ concept and its relevance to the spondyloarthropathies adv exp med biol 2009 649:57-70 (issn: 0065-2598.

An organ is group of tissues that work together to carry out a shared function the function of the enthesis organ is to provide a stable anchorage to the skeleton and to minimise damage at the insertion site which is subject to high levels of physical stress.

Enthesis organ
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